YouTube winemaking sends schoolboy to jail

The world has truly become a village. We know that it has become a huge mystery. With YouTube becoming available…with the help of 4G supporting it, the buffering issue is gone. With this, binge watching videos has become a habit. It was a situation that went to the level of addiction. What’s going on? Whatever the doubt, I immediately got used to watching YouTube. A schoolboy who tried to learn new things with such a habit became shocked.

This tragedy that unfolded in the state of Kerala… brought another child to life. A twelve-year-old schoolboy watched on YouTube how to make his own wine. He decided to do it the same way. As part of this, he asked his friend to taste the wine that was made. The boy tasted it and got sick. He was taken to a local hospital in Chirayinkeeju. By now, the child would have lost his temper.

As he fell ill…asking what had happened to the child…he recalled what had happened to him when he had tasted the wine offered by his friend. With that… when asked about the apple… he said he made wine from the grapes his father brought home… He made a sample on YouTube … buried it in the ground for a while and prepared it. The police collected the wine and sent it to the testing center. It is said that if there is a discrepancy in the making of the wine after the report is received, action will be taken against the child. Needless to say, the latest incident clearly shows the extent of YouTube’s influence on children.

Shirley M. Pinder