Wines for November: 8 different wines $12-$23 from all over the world

CLEVELAND, Ohio – In November we tried wines from several places, including Spain, Portugal and even Indiana.

Our monthly reviews focus on wines $25 and under. All should be available on local store shelves. We list the flavors we detect, then offer our favorites at the end.

Here’s what we tasted this month:

Mary Taylor Dao

Mary Taylor Dao

Wine Mary Taylor, Society of Agricola Quinta do CovaoPortugal, white mix, 2020, $16.99

Hold on to your palates, oenophile friends, there are different varietals in this one! Notes of peach and flowers. Similar to a Chardonnay with an acid frame. (A tasting buddy guessed Riesling.) This stood up to tilapia—a mild fish—with Brussels sprouts and fried potatoes. Here is the compilation of grapes: 35% Encruzado, 32% Malvasia Fina, 19% Bical, 14% Gouveio. (Dao is the region.)

We tried eight wines for November.  All cost $23 or less and come from various parts of the world.

gnarled vines

Pinot Noir from Gnarled Vines

Rodney Strong Vineyards, California, Pinot Noir, 2019, $15

A hint of tobacco smoke on the nose. Notes of milk chocolate, mocha and cherry pass through the palate with almost a faint hint of caramel. Notes of coffee emerged as the wine breathed a little. Decent Pinot for $15.

We tried eight wines for November.  All cost $23 or less and come from various parts of the world.

Rose gold

Rose gold

Winegrowers of Saint TropezFrance, Pink, 2021, $23

Slightly floral with light notes of cranberry and strawberry. Dry on the finish. A really nice, refreshing and smooth sip. The wine comes from Texas-based Casey Barber; the grapes come from France. It’s 50% Grenache and 50% Cinsault.

We tried eight wines for November.  All cost $23 or less and come from various parts of the world.

Kim Crawford

Kim Crawford

Kim Crawford Wines, Marlborough, New Zealand; Sauvignon Blanc, 2019, $19

Notes of apple, pear and lemon, not too sour – which was surprising, given its origin. Balance. A little grapefruit came out, but we weren’t getting a huge sour taste or weed bomb. Pleasant surprise for someone like me who prefers Californian versions of this variety. This comes from the famous New Zealand wine region, which is found in the northern part of the South Island.

We tried eight wines for November.  All cost $23 or less and come from various parts of the world.

Domaine Lamargue

Domaine Lamargue

Domaine Lamargue, France, Rosé, 2020, $11.66

From Costières de Nîmes, in the southern part of the Rhône, this wine has a slight funk/buttery in its aroma with watermelon on the palate – Jolly Rancher-ish. Light body. Drinkable at this price.

We tried eight wines for November.  All cost $23 or less and come from various parts of the world.



BeroniaSpain, Tempranillo, 2018, $15

The savory wine, which falls under Crianza aging requirements, has hints of leather and a slight crinkle finish. Good value, also works as a standalone sipper, but also did well with herb crusted roast pork.

We tried eight wines for November.  All cost $23 or less and come from various parts of the world.


Quivira Sauvignon Blanc

Quivira Vineyards, Sonoma County, Calif.; Sauvignon Blanc, 2021, $19

One could have guessed that this wine came from Australia or New Zealand, with a strong taste of grapefruit and grass. Lime and Meyer lemon are also present. While drinkable on day 1, an unpleasant funk developed on day 2. A tasting buddy liked this when we opened, although I found it harsh for a Sauv Blanc.

We tried eight wines for November.  All cost $23 or less and come from various parts of the world.


Olivier Lemon Moscato

Oliver Winery and Vineyards, Bloomington, Indiana; Moscato, Nevada, $12

Moscato is popular but doesn’t usually review the fodder for us as we tend to stick to dry wines in this column. But we have offered it to a few connoisseurs whose palate is rather sweet. Our auxiliary tasting panel had this to say: Very “lemon”! The fruit is in the aroma and in the mouth. A slight antiseptic smell at first quickly dissipated. Not as sweet as most Moscatos we’ve tried. One fan of the varietal in particular said it was the best Moscato she had ever tasted. A pal said he grew to like this wine and considered it “like a low-octane limoncello.”

Favorites: Gnarled vines.

Filmed wine: The 2012 documentary “Somm” takes viewers through the process of being an aspiring sommelier. It is available for rental or purchase on line.

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