Wine Trips and Holidays

The vibrant life of wineries and vineyards

If the enjoyment of authentic experiences is an essential feature of the way you travel, then our recommended wine trips and holidays are for you. Travellers will experience the culture, gastronomy and true lifestyle of carefully selected destinations in wine producing areas.

Each carefully planned journey provides the opportunity to relax, get a feel for conditions that make for exceptional wines and enjoy a rich variety of food, wine and additional activities. We select wine related trips to locations across the world, provided by professional tour guides and companies and put them at your disposal.

As a member of Vinifera Wine Club, you can join wine trips to regions across the globe, crafted to provide travellers with an enjoyable experience. You will explore areas of natural beauty and taste delicious wines and locally produced foods, guided by knowledgeable experts.

Throughout the trip, you will be looked after, enabling you to relax and enjoy yourself. High quality accommodation, food and travel within the chosen region(s) is all taken care of, with tour guides on-hand to answer your questions and ensure your comfort.

Each trip includes a variety of activities, providing opportunities to explore the local area, popular attractions, culture, history and highlights only known to those with local knowledge. You will of course have time to embark on your own journeys of discovery outside of the planned tour.

Discover trips to exciting wine producing regions throughout the world, from the most popular wine lovers´ destinations to the more unusual wine areas. Away from the madding crowd, you’ll get a sense of what wine exploration should really be.

Choose an option that provides you with the taste of a trip organised by yourself without the uncertainty of the unknown.

A trip to a wine producing region can be a journey of discovery into the authentic lifestyle, gastronomy and culture of expertly selected wine regions. You will be able to enjoy a rich variety of personal interests such as food, wine, concerts, opera, outdoor activities, walking, cycling, sports, classic cars, botanical excursions, golf, professional training and much more.

A stay in the surroundings of a vineyard is perfect for weddings, singles´ events, birthdays, anniversaries, friends reunions, performance rewards, board meetings and team building. Scheduled and bespoke, meet new people or have fun with people you already know.

Some of our travel partners will offer totally bespoke trips for your group.

If you don´t find what you are looking for within our listed trips, there are other options too:

Tailored wine trips

You can have your own private trip to wine growing regions.

Corporate Trips

Book a corporate wine trip that your guests or staff will never forget.

VIP Travelling

Travel in luxury to beautiful destinations around the world.