Tailored wine events

Vinifera have a wealth of experience when it comes to planning tailored events.

From corporate events to charity occasions, we have the experience to assist you with the format and the perfect food and wine combination for your event.

We enjoy wonderful relationships with our carefully selected independent wine merchants and wine producers around the world. This ensures that both variety and exclusivity are central to every tailored event.

So if you’d like something extra special, contact us today to see how we can assist you with your event.

Here are some suggestions to consider prior to planning a tailored event:


Delight your guests by producing a food and wine combination that subtly blend together, ask us for more detail and options

An interesting and educating experience for wine enthusiasts who want to reach their own conclusion about their preferences of type of wine (whites, reds, crianzas, reserves, sparkling, …), variety, vintage or any other specific grouping.

Our tasting by region events explore the wines of specific producing regions. We can suggest a particular region or perhaps you know which corner of the globe you would like to sample for the event. If so, go on, let us know what region you would like to explore!!

Our wine tasting quiz has been described as versatile, flexible, and always-different, we prefer to describe it in three words, FUN, FUN and FUN…

At home, in a restaurant, during a weekend in the country. You choose, we´ll take care of the rest.


Plan your perfect wine party or event

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