Private Members

Vinifera Wine Club has something for everyone to taste, enjoy and share with friends and family. Our club brings even greater opportunities for members to get involved, with guided wine tastings and savings.

FREE membership - You can get to know us whilst enjoying special discounts on recommended Vinifera wines purchased through selected independent retailers.

WINE LOVER membership - Take your interest in wine further with our £25 annual membership, providing many more opportunities for you to enjoy new wines, socialise and travel. They include guided Wine Tastings in your home, discounts on Trips to wine regions and Visits to wineries.

These are some of the benefits of belonging to Vinifera Wine Club:

Wine Tastings in your home with a wine expert

As a 'Wine Lover' member of Vinifera Wine Club, you can arrange a Wine Tasting in your own home for friends and family and we will give you access to everything you need, including an online wine expert who will talk you through the tasting.


Experience the culture of wine regions with Vinifera Wine Club trips, visit wineries, speak to the producers and learn what it takes to create delicious wines.

Loyalty Reward

To reward your loyalty you will get a free wine related gift:

  1. For every 3 new members you refer to the Club
  2. For every home wine party you host for a minimum of 12 people