Thessaloniki wines hailed as “liquid gold”

Writer and editor, Nina Caplan on her familiarization trip to Thessaloniki and the region of Central Macedonia.

The wines of Thessaloniki and Central Macedonia are “living proof that the cult of Dionysus for grape – harvesting and winemaking is flourishing in contemporary Greece”, according to a wine expert Nina Caplan.

An award-winning writer and editor on wine and lifestyle for over twenty years, Caplan recently visited northern Greece on a familiarization trip. Caplan has columns in Wine Club, The new statesmanand The Times of Londonluxury magazine, Luxxand is considered one of the most influential figures in the international wine niche.

His familiarization trip was planned and co-organized by the Thessaloniki Tourism Organization and Greek National Tourism Organization (GNTO) UK branch in order to promote the wine richness of Central Macedonia.

The ancient distillation process at Domaine Dalamara Organic Vineyards and Cellars in Naoussa, Greece. Photo source: Nina Caplan.

Caplan took to instagram during the first 24 hours of his trip, to praise the gastronomy and architecture of Thessaloniki. Other posts found her in Pieria tasting local wines, visiting the town of Naoussa to discover old-fashioned distillation but also the proximity Macedonian royal tombs of Vergine where Philip of Macedonfather of Alexander The Greatwas buried.

Philip’s grave served as the inspiration for his first promotional story published in Wine Club where Caplan praises local wines Malagusia and Xinomavro and noted that time worked differently in Macedonian vineyards where “wines last longer and winters come later”.

Photo source: Oenological Club (Nina Caplan).

A feature article on Caplan’s familiarization trip should be included in Luxxthe coveted luxury magazine of the London Times.

The newspaper has 600,000 daily readers, particularly interested in alternative tourism and new travel experiences.

Wine tasting in the vineyards of Thymiopoulos in Trilofos, Pieria. Photo source: Nina Caplan.

According to data from Statista, wine tourism will reach a market size of nearly €30 billion by 2030 and will particularly attract higher income tourists.

Stressing that high-end tourism in Greece represents 7% of the country’s GDP and is valued at 10 billion euros per year, the president of the Thessaloniki Tourism Organization Wanted Patoulidou said the city in northern Greece can play a leading role contributes to this form of tourism.

“The promotion of the excellent quality of the products of the Macedonian land is a key part of the strategic promotion of the Thessaloniki Tourism Organization,” she said.

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Shirley M. Pinder