The region will promote Attica wines in the United States, Canada and Japan

The Attica region announced this week that it would take steps to promote wines produced in the region abroad, including in the United States, Canada and Japan.

A total of 20 wineries from Attica, members of the Union of Wine Producers of Attica, will participate with their wines holding a Geographical Indication (GI).

The wines will be promoted in the US, Canada, UK, Japan and Korea markets through a special EU-funded program running through August 2023.

The program aims to present the wine production of Attica and includes masterclasses with eminent masters of wine, seminars, visits to vineyards, tastings, familiarization and public relations trips, participation in wine events international markets, marketing and advertising actions as well as the design and publication of relevant documents. Teaching materials.

“Attica’s vineyards and their unique varieties are known for the excellent wines they produce. With European resources and the participation of eminent experts, these wines will be promoted in targeted markets abroad with the aim of raising awareness of the wines of Attica and helping them to gain recognition and sales,” said said the governor of the Attica region. George Patoulis.

“I am convinced that the vineyards of Attica, rich in a 2,500-year-old history, can look to the future with optimism,” he added.

Last year, the Attica Region and the Attica Wine & Food Experience Product Club agreed to promote the region as a wine, food and cultural tourism destination through a series of joint actions.

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Shirley M. Pinder