Innovative wine program funds animal welfare, conservation and education at zoo

We’re changing the way major nonprofits interact with Oregon’s wine industry.

—Robert Wolfe

PORTLAND, OR, USA, August 1, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — The Oregon Zoo Foundation received $36,000 in revenue from Specialty Wines NW. The winery founded the Oregon Zoo Foundation Wine Club in the fall of 2020 to offer various wine packages and open stock wine sales to Oregon Zoo supporters. 25% of gross revenue goes directly to the foundation to support important animal welfare, conservation and education programs.

The wine club is the brainchild of Robert Wolfe, a longtime veteran of the Oregon wine industry. “We’re changing the way major nonprofits interact with Oregon’s wine industry,” says Wolfe. “With this new model, we’re bringing popular Oregon wines to Oregon consumers who want to support the zoo, creating an important new revenue stream for the foundation.”

A steady stream of revenue helps the zoo thrive and gives caregivers the resources they need to provide meaningful experiences for the animals.
“We were thrilled to partner with Bob Wolfe,” said the foundation’s executive director, Julie Fitzgerald. “It takes huge resources to care for so many animals and fight for endangered species – it was a fun opportunity to expand the ways people can support their beloved zoo.”

Supported by the community since 1888, the Oregon Zoo provides exceptional guest experiences to inspire them to create a better future for wildlife. With around 1.5 million visitors a year, the zoo is one of the area’s most revered attractions, and it’s a center of robust efforts to save endangered species like the California condor. From education programs to on-the-ground conservation efforts, the zoo strives to save species regionally and globally.
“Our supporters believe in the power of this wonderful zoo to spark learning, inspire hope and spark wonder,” Fitzgerald added. “And, now, our community can show their support by sipping on fine Oregon wines.”

The Oregon Zoo Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and has funded more than $90 million for the zoo since 1997. To donate or learn more, email the foundation @oregonzoo.org. To learn more about the Oregon Zoo or plan your next zoo adventure, visit www.oregonzoo.org.

Specialty Wines NW is an Oregon winery founded to leverage knowledge of the Oregon wine industry to raise funds for non-profit organizations through wine clubs, auctions, tastings of wine, etc. “Oregon wineries are very generous and eager to support our work with the Oregon Zoo Foundation,” says Wolfe. “And Oregonians love their local wines. We are thrilled to be able to contribute to the important work being done by one of Oregon’s most beloved nonprofit organizations.

To learn about Oregon Zoo Foundation Wine Club’s wine offerings, visit www.ozfwineclub.com. Media Contacts:
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