Shannon Family of Wines Launches New Website


Lower Lake, CA (September 23, 2021) – Shannon Family of Wines announced the launch of a new website, created and designed to digitally bring the true spirit of the company to life and take you on a virtual tour of Lake County’s spectacular mountain winery.

Like the company, the site is bold, honest, and unbound by convention, with captivating photography and video for an immersive user experience. Shannon Family Wines is proud to share its philosophy and commitment to responsibly produce remarkable wines in a down-to-earth manner.

Featured content:

  • A powerful anthem film showcasing the forward-thinking spirit of the Shannon Family of Wines (located on the homepage of the website).

  • Introduction to Project Ovis and the transformation of the Lake County Mountain Winery into a fully sustainable and regenerative organic farming system.

  • Discover Shannon Family Wines wine clubs and offerings that have been curated to suit the tastes and preferences of any wine lover.

  • Follow the latest happenings on the Shannon Family of Wines blog.

The website celebrates Clay and Angie Shannon’s belief and vision to forge a better way, leading with the land and creating remarkable wines.

The website was custom designed and created in partnership with Affinity Creative.

About the Shannon Wine Family

The Shannon family is committed to preserving their land, not only for the great wine sites but also for the bears, elk, cougars, eagles and other creatures that call it home. Of their approximately 2,500 acres, only about 45% have been converted to vineyards. The balance of the land has been preserved for the wildlife that roams the property from the vast wilderness areas adjoining the ranches. The vineyards have been carefully planned, leaving corridors open to migrating animals, protecting sensitive nesting areas, and will be 100% certified organic this year.

The Shannon Family of Wines portfolio includes 13 Rams, Buck Shack, Clay Shannon, Giannecchini, High Valley, Mother Vine, Ovis, Shannon Ridge, Steele Wines and Urgency.

Green Medal Environment Award

Shannon Family of Wines is the recipient of the 7and Annual Green Environmental Medal Award, given to the vineyard or winery that best demonstrates environmental stewardship by maximizing the environmental benefits of implementing sustainable practices.

Through initiatives such as “Project Ovis,” the family implements a combination of sustainable, organic, and regenerative farming practices, using livestock like sheep, chickens, and cows in their vineyards and uncultivated areas. Sheep have reduced the need for shearing by 500% and the use of gasoline weed killers has been nearly eliminated.

Shannon Ridge Family of Wines strives to balance its agricultural system through the promotion of beneficial worms and insects and the creation of natural crop protection materials, from compost to soil teas. The company is committed to data collection and analysis, sharing its successes and failures with the entire wine industry.

As one of Lake County’s largest employers, Shannon Ridge Family of Wines contributes to a local homeless shelter, an annual wine auction for local charities, and a scholarship fund for local students. participates in local farmers’ markets; and educates community members on their sustainable farming practices.

Currently certified for California-certified sustainable viticulture, fish-friendly farming, and LODI rules, Shannon Ridge Family of Wines will soon be one of the largest certified organic mountain wineries in the United States by fall 2021 .


Shirley M. Pinder