Parlor Wines, an organic Italian wine shop, opens in Madison Park

Lounge winesa bottleshop dedicated to organic Italian wine, quietly opened in Madison Park in October 2021. In early July, it reopened with a wine bar, becoming the only wine bar in the neighborhood and the only wine bar in all of Seattle specifically focused on Italian natural wines.

The store across from the Madison Park tennis courts is actually the second Parlor Wines; the first is a wine, vermouth and amaro store in Brooklyn. After decades of careers in bars and restaurants, owners Brendan and Amber Casey (a married couple) moved to Bremerton in 2020 to be close to family and escape the realities of life in New York during the pandemic.

While Brendan Casey worked at several food companies in Seattle and New York (including the now-closed Marché du Café Campagne restaurant), he became obsessed with Italian wines and their interaction with food during his six-year career. at West Village Tuscan Restaurant I Sodi.

Casey says “wine is food” in Italy, so wine pairing is just “food with food”, although he finds it fascinating that you can find the perfect pairing with Italian wines. for almost any dish in the world, even though Italy is a relatively small country. While at I Sodi, Casey was also fascinated by the stories behind the wines, which sparked an obsession with the wines made by the people who grew the grapes, known as estate wines.

The Parlor Wines wine bar.
Lounge wines

Every Parlor Wines wine is an organic state wine. Although 100% of the wines are not considered natural wine, most are made with low intervention methods. Brendan says he wants to introduce Madison Park residents who love domestic wine to natural wine without assaulting them with wild flavors sometimes found on the fringes of the natural wine world, something that could turn them off forever. There are plenty of other natural wine stores in Seattle that appeal to those well versed in the natural wine world.

“I can’t push my boat too far and expect them to swim right up to me,” Casey said.

He also wants to maintain the sense of belonging to Parlor Wines, which he says is lacking in some local natural wine bars that buy wines from around the world – hence the strict focus on Italian wine regions.

Beyond wine, the shop serves local and Basque ciders as well as Italian vermouth and wine-based amaros. (Although there are Seattle amaros like Amaricano from Fast Penny Spirits and Bakery Sunset Hill Amaro, they are spirit-based and cannot be sold under Casey’s current liquor license.)

There is also a wine club with different levels of membership, one for wines that are in the store and one for harder to find bottles/

Finally, Parlor Wines will offer light snacks to accompany the drinks. For now, diners can bring food from home to go with the wines, or they can grab a pizza from The Independent Pizzeria in the street.

Shirley M. Pinder