Nina Throsby Reveals 5 Summer Wines You Must Try

Ready for a wine Friday? Well, you might want to head to one of our all-time favorite beach restaurants, The Shorehouse. The dream venue just won two awards at the Australian Wine List Of The Year Awards this week, returning home with not only the best wine list in WA, but also the best sparkling wine list in Australia.

Nina Throsby is the Perth wine queen behind the award-winning list. As the Official Group Sommelier for Kailis Hospitality Group, she is responsible for curating three incredibly unique wine lists across The Shorehouse, Island Market and Kailis Fish Market in Fremantle. She’s put a lot of passion, experience and ongoing training into developing and refining their rosters over the years, so the whole team is understandably thrilled to claim victory.

“It’s really exciting for the team,” Throsby said. “Aaron Commins, Alex King, Emma Parker and I have seen this list grow every year and being recognized not only as the best list in the state, but also as the sparkling best list in the country is not yet really established.”

We thought who better to ask us what we should be drinking this summer than the queen of wine herself. Read on for five of her top picks to try.

NV Jean Perrier Crémant de Savoie, Savoie, France

“I am convinced that sparkling wine is suitable for all occasions and at any time during a meal. I like lesser known appellations that use interesting grapes to produce wines of difference. One such producer is Jean Perrier in Savoie in France, better known for the ski slopes than for the wine. This cool climate bubble is made from a blend of the native grape variety Jacquère and Chardonnay. I like a wine that can also be a conversation piece!”

Bollinger PNTX17 / Bollinger PNVZ16, Champagne, France

“Sometimes you have to call in the big guns, there’s no denying that champagne will get the job done. In a region with such a complex and rich history of winemaking, it’s exciting to see innovation coming from the Bollinger has released a series of site-focused Pinot Noir-based champagnes named after the village and vintage they focus on, minimalist labels with PNVZ or PNTX are hard to miss. are wonderful, uplifting champagnes that really speak to the new age spirit we see in the region.”

The Next Hundred Years Riesling Great Southern, WA

“I’ve been fascinated by this new label from the Deep South and I’m so excited to see what’s to come. This wine is all about crystalline fruit and fine lines. backyard.”

AMI Les Péteurs Aligoté Burgundy, France

“We often look to Burgundy for Chardonnay, for good reason: it’s the most widely planted white grape variety, but lately, with prices rising and the difficulty in finding sources, I’ve become a fan of the Lesser known white Burgundy: Aligote. Aligote is like racy Chardonnay. , its citrus-focused cousin, it has great potential and when processed well can delight and surprise even the harshest critics. If you’re looking for a more Esq-Example chardonnay with oak and texture—Benjamin Leroux makes a bigger, bulkier style.”

Small Wonders Landscape Series Pinot Noir, Tasmania

“One of the best parts of the job is being able to see a first label release. This new project from Small Wonders in Tasmania has been a joy to discover. Clever winemaking here makes for a seemingly light and bright example, but the wine has a complex acid profile and woven tannic structure that really brings out the liveliness of the fruit.”

You’ll find it all at The Shorehouse, but you can also try one of Perth’s best independent bottle shops (ReStore Leederville and Old Bridge Cellars were Nina’s recs) if you want to sip them at home.

Image credit: shot by Thom

Shirley M. Pinder