Liverpool’s award-winning ‘low-calorie’ wine company is now in America

A Liverpool wine company specializing in low-calorie vegan Prosecco and Sparkling Rosé has launched in America.

ThinK Wines was first established by Liverpool entrepreneur Katherine Jones in 2019. Since then the business has won six awards, the most recent being silver at the People’s Choice Wine Awards.

The company has now gone global, with Americans able to get their hands on ThinK Wines. Speaking to ECHO days before flying to the US, Katherine said: “I couldn’t have imagined this when we first launched. I have big visions and have faith in the product, so I’ve always seen it expand around the world, but I didn’t think it would happen in this time frame.

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“I thought ThinK Wines would need at least five years to conquer the UK before we could even go overseas. Two months ago we launched in New York, New Jersey, California and Florida. I now go to Los Angeles to meet the bars that stock ThinK and meet potential new customers.

Katherine with the Silver People’s Choice Wine Award.

“I’m also going to New York where I have a few speaking engagements with businesswomen, and I hope to sell the wine to a few New York venues. Then it’s off to Florida. It seems that, especially in California, there is a very strong demand for a product like mine. I can’t miss this opportunity.

“It’s about building a relationship with the people who are going to sell the wine in America. That’s why I’m excited. When I see people there ordering it, it will be a real pinch moment for me.

Katherine originally created ThinK Wines for herself. She explained, “I’ve always struggled with my weight and sugar is a huge demon to me. I have an influencer marketing background so I used to go to launch events and meet influencers and the welcome drink was Prosecco or Champagne. It would be very dry and full of sugar so I would drink it and not particularly enjoy it, plus it would be full of calories.

ThinK Wines Sparkling Rosé.
ThinK Wines Sparkling Rosé.

“I thought, imagine if you could create a drink that was still delicious but had a lot less sugar. I did some research and couldn’t find any, then eventually I found one, but it didn’t taste good. That’s how the idea of ​​ThinK Wines was born, because I thought that if there was only one competitor and I knew it was not the best quality, then I should go for it.

The fact that ThinK Wines is also vegan and low calorie is a big selling point for the product. Katherine said: “Everyone is asking for vegan products now, and every time I sell to a wholesaler, the first thing they ask me is, ‘is it vegan?’ I’m so thankful that when we created it a few years ago I made it vegan I’m not personally vegan so I could easily have thought it wasn’t necessary but I had I anticipated the world would go this way. I’m trying to cut back on my chicken eating habits!”

Once Katherine conquers America, it will be in the next country. She told ECHO: “I would love to do Australia next. They are very health conscious and I know they love their bubbles too. To be honest, there’s nowhere I wouldn’t like to see ThinK!

You can find out more about ThinK Wines through the website. You can buy the Prosecco here and the Sparkling Rosé here.

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Shirley M. Pinder