Kuhlman promotes three new wines

Kuhlman Cellars announces the release of three new wines for Texas Wine Month.

The new wines are Domaine Roussanne 2021, Barranca 2019 and KanKar 2019.

The wines were first made available to Kuhlman Cellars’ Vina Vita Wine Club and are now available to the public.

2021 Domaine Roussanne – ($34)

Kuhlman’s Estate Roussanne’s fifth vintage continues to be a delicate, fruity wine with aromas of pear, guava and white flowers.

The taste is described as intense with flavors of lemon, lime zest and banana. Kuhlman Cellars recommends pairing it with a Thai dish.

The fruit was 100% grown on the Kuhlman Cellars estate and aged in stainless steel.

Barranque 2019 – ($38)

“This wine would be a perfect bottle for the first day of fall to open,” a spokesperson said. The 2019 Barranca is a blend led by Petite Sirah (44%) supported by Tempranillo (28%) and Malbec (17%). The nose presents aromas of tobacco, liquorice, mint, thyme and dried cherries.

“This enchanting wine has flavors of chocolate, cinnamon, cardamom and black pepper and pairs perfectly with prime rib,” the spokesperson said.

KanKar 2019 – ($48) Kuhlman calls it the perfect wine for a special occasion.

“With warm aromas of blueberry, blackberry and fresh sage, the 2019 KanKar is another powerful wine to drink today, but also offers cellaring potential for years to come,” the spokesperson said.

As the wine opens up, it has flavors of chocolate, violets and candied bacon. It is recommended to accompany it with a leg of lamb with garlic cannellini beans. For more information, visit www.kuhlmancellars.com.

Shirley M. Pinder