Jeremy Wine Company

19th hole – The ridgeMolly stops by The Ridge in Auburn to see what makes this #19 a hole-in-one.

Lady of the Plants, 10 a.m.Dame aux Plantes, 10 a.m…. Orchids!

Jeremy Wine CompanyGet ready for a cool experience on a hot summer day, with wine flights, bottle service or even delicacies from the barrel.

Plant Lady 8am Part 2Plant Lady 8am Part 2

Delta College presents CinderellaThe San Joaquin Delta College Drama Department presents Cinderella!

Build your own bowWhy just shoot an archery when you can build one? David Webb is a Certified Level 2 Archery Instructor in the USA and has been teaching bow builders for 5 years in Europe, and now in California.

Plant Lady 8am Part 1Plant Lady 8am Part 1

Teen music – 7/17Oldies but Goodies

Jeremy Wine CompanyLive a unique wine experience in Lockeford!

The Plant Lady, 9 a.m. pt. 2 – 7/17Marlene The Plant Lady is back once again to help you with your plant problems!

The naturalist’s workshopThe Naturalist’s Workshop is a new boutique and creative studio in the heart of Auburn that offers carefully curated products, nature-focused classes, and private events.

The Plant Lady, 9 a.m. pt. 1 – 7/17The Plant Lady forgot more about plants than you ever thought. Believe it.

Homemade recipes – 7/17Viewer Roxie Pool will join us via Zoom to demonstrate some recipes: BLT bites and broccoli salad

The plant lady, 7 a.m.Email Marlene for all your plant questions!!

Jordan has tattoos?!It’s National Tattoo Day! Jordan shows off his ink!

Steven Denmark MusicIn March 2017 Steven ventured to Nashville TN to record his first full album which was released November 24, 2017. Now Steven is back home getting ready for a show at the Folsom Hotel.

Selfie Studio Tea RoomLet’s take a selfie and then a sip of tea in Rio Vista!

We’re just curious – 7/17What embarrasses you?

CBS13 AM News Update 7/17/22Here’s your latest weather and news update from Jordan Segundo and Tina Macuha.

Tell me something good, 8:00 07/16/2022Tell me something good, 8:00 07/16/2022

Tell me something good, 10:00 07/16/2022Tell me something good, 10:00 07/16/2022

Bring It Home with Laura McIntosh Part 2No Churn Peanut Butter Ice Cream!

hive rescueOne of Sacramento’s most active beekeepers is coordinating a mass bee cull at Herald today.

Bring It Home with Laura McIntosh Part 1Chicken skewers with garlic and honey!

Shirley M. Pinder