It’s time to toast with the best local wines

It’s time to toast with the best local wines

Fancy some wine? These are the places to visit, say Best of the Chippewa Valley voters

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1. Bemis Bluff Vineyard

2. Infinity Beverages Winery and Distillery

3. Johnny’s Italian Steakhouse

Once again, Bemis Bluff Winery (E2960 Hageness Road, Eleva) demonstrates that it has the best wine selection in the region. Admire the scenery while sipping fruit wines or, better yet, a wine slush on a hot July afternoon. (Is it summer again?) With award-winning wines, Infinity Beverages (3460 Mall Drive, Eau Claire) has wines to suit every palate, from their Riesling and Moscato blend, Desire, to their Syrah and Pinot Noir blend. , Solace. Although not a winery, Johnny’s Italian Steakhouse (4751 Owen Ayres Court, Eau Claire) serves up the perfect wine to accompany your meal. –Stephanie Nesja


1. Woodman Markets

2. Bemis Bluff Vineyard

3. Coffee grounds

With over 3,000 wines in stock, Woodman’s Markets (2855 Woodman Drive, Altoona) is the go-to retailer for oenophiles in the Chippewa Valley (it’s the fancy way of saying “wine connoisseurs”). Whatever your taste or budget – from Dom Pérignon to Barefoot – Woodman’s is sure to have something you’ll enjoy. Local winemaker Bemis Bluff Winery (E2960 Hageness Road, Eleva) makes a wide range of fruit wines, including sweet and semi-sweet wines through to dry varieties (and don’t forget the wine slushes). The Coffee Grounds (4212 Southtowne Drive, Eau Claire) offers more than just roasted beans: from whites to reds to wine of the month club selections, this Eau Claire retailer has the fruit of the vine well covered, too. –Tom Giffey


1. River Bend Vineyard and Distillery

2. Infinity Beverages Winery and Distillery

3. Bemis Bluff Vineyard

Wisconsinans are more than just fans of Old Fashioneds brandy. This year’s selections from the Best Winegrowers prove that we are also a group of wine lovers…well, wine lovers! River Bend Vineyard & Winery (10439 33rd Ave., Chippewa Falls) returns to the top spot, and their 10 years of competing with over 50 medals proves their wine is worth it. Infinity Beverages Winery & Distillery (3460 Mall Drive, Eau Claire) rightfully earned a spot on the list, with a lounge-style tasting room and a variety of wines and cocktails to boot. Bemis Bluff Winery (E2960 Hageness Road, Eleva) remains a favourite, with whimsical fruit wines that delight the palate. And we can’t forget to give an honorable mention to one of our personal favorites, Autumn Harvest Winery & Orchard (19947 County Hwy. J, Chippewa Falls) which ranks a close fourth! — Stephanie Nesja

Shirley M. Pinder