Harvest Wines: Your Source for Local Tidal Bay Wines and Seafood

As August turns into September, what better time to celebrate friends, family and the spectacular produce of our home province? Our farmers markets are bursting with local produce and the bounty of the sea is never more than a short drive away.

The ownership and staff of Harvest Wines are also committed to local products. Their online store, harvest.ca, offers a wonderful variety of local craft beers, ciders, ready-to-drink beverages, spirits and, of course, great local wines. They even give 10% discount on orders with coupon code 7RRXXT75 between August 26 and September 25.

“These are fantastic times for local beer, wine, spirits and cider,” says Harvest Wines product consultant Brodie Cook. “It is a pleasure to work alongside these producers and to present quality products to our customers. Seeing our industry partners continue to raise the bar in what they offer means we can showcase our local excellence while supporting their efforts. »

If you’re considering a local theme while entertaining, instead of the classic cheese and meat charcuterie platter, try a “sea-cuterie” platter to showcase local seafood and sides for a new and exciting spin on the popular board.

Five Tips for Building a Sea-Cutery Board

  1. Use only local seafood.
  2. Serve something raw, like oysters; something pickled, like mussels drizzled with olive oil and vinegar; and something salty or smoky, like smoked salmon or gravlax. This will give a range of textures and flavors.
  3. Serve fresh raw foods (try serving oysters over crushed ice) and smoked or marinated seafood at room temperature or slightly cooler.
  4. Accompany your seafood with tangy accessories such as pickled red onions, capers, lemon wedges and reseda (a classic oyster side dish made with diced shallot, red wine vinegar and sugar).
  5. Serve with toasted bread wedges and crackers.

As to what to serve with the council; crisp, cool local drinks are a great match. For the perfect pairing, the team at Harvest Wines suggests one of their Tidal Bay “Hand Picked by Harvest” 3-packs. Harvest has designed two of these stunning Tidal Bay packs celebrating the Nova Scotia terroir.

What is the terroir? It is a French term, used in the wine industry to describe the influence of geography, appearance, climate and culture on a wine. It simply means that when it comes to how a wine tastes, location matters.

Pair your sea-cutie platter with fresh, crunchy local drinks like these Tidal Bay 3-Packs “Hand-Picked by Harvest” from harvestwines.ca. PHOTO CREDIT: Mark DeWolf

Hand Harvested by Harvest: Wolfville Tidal Bay Trio

The three wines selected for this hand-picked 3-pack are made at wineries backing onto the Minas Basin. All are located within minutes of Wolfville. Here, they benefit directly from the sobriety of the basin, which is a stone’s throw from each cellar.

Mercator Tidal Bay – Mercator occupies a quaint little farmhouse overlooking the Midas Basin. Their Tidal Bay wines are delicate, fresh and subtle. Expect lots of citrus flavors and little salty edge on the palate. This wine is a must and can be enjoyed with freshly shucked oysters.

Lightfoot and Wolfville Tidal Bay – Why do we love it? First, it’s certified organic and second, it’s really fresh, made from around 50% Acadie Blanc, 25% Chardonnay and the rest Germanic grapes. This wine has a nice balance between sweetness and delicate acidity. Pair this one with simple seafood dishes.

Grand Pré Tidal Bay area – This is a more aromatic style, with stone fruit and citrus flavors as well as floral and exotic fruit aromas. This extra character allows it to go well with slightly tastier seafood, such as shrimp pad thai.

Hand Harvested by Harvest: Gaspereau Valley Tidal Bay Trio

The Gaspereau Valley is contained within the Annapolis Valley. It is a special piece of Nova Scotia wine country, with a diverse mix of soils, benefiting from a natural, moderating draft that follows the meanders of the Gaspereau River.

L’Acadie Tidal Bay Vineyards – An uncompromising showcase of the ancient soils of the seabed, terroir of the Vignobles de L’Acadie. This is Tidal Bay’s driest and crispest wine.

Luckett Tidal Bay – While L’Acadie’s version is edgy and dry, this one is fresh and balanced. It’s the kind of Tidal Bay you crack the bottle of and end up barely realizing.

Benjamin Bridge Tidal Bay – Benjamin Bridge crafts wines with as little intervention as possible to capture the authentic characteristics of the grapes and the land from which they come. The result is a fresh style with some floral aromas, a little salty character and great length.

Raw seafood such as these marinated mussels can add depth and texture to your sea-cuterie board.  PHOTO CREDIT: Mark DeWolf
Raw seafood such as these marinated mussels can add depth and texture to your sea-cuterie board. PHOTO CREDIT: Mark DeWolf

What are Tidal Bay wines?

You’ve probably heard of Tidal Bay wines, but do you know what they really are? Here are five things you need to know about them.

  1. Their white wines are made from 100% Nova Scotia grown grapes.
  2. Their blends of grapes. The four main grape varieties are Vidal, L’Acadie Blanc, Geisenheim and Seyval Blanc, composed alone or in association with at least half of the blend.
  3. Tidal Bay wines are fresh, crisp and slightly aromatic.
  4. Tidal Bay wines showcase talented Nova Scotia winemakers.
  5. Finally, they are perfect pairings with local seafood.

Five reasons to order your favorite local beverage from Harvestwines.ca

  1. Delivery anywhere in Nova Scotia!
  2. This is one of the largest selections of local beers, ciders, wines, spirits and ready-to-drink beverages in the province.
  3. A user-friendly website 10% discount on your orders with coupon code 7RRXXT75 – available from August 26 to September 25.
  4. “Hand-picked by harvest” seasonal packs.
  5. The opportunity to join their Wine Club, for monthly selections delivered to your door, along with tasting notes, recipe pairing suggestions and more.

Find out more about Tidal Bay wines, Tidal Bay “hand-picked by harvest” packs, and recipes for the perfect sea food board at Harvest.ca. Watch our featured recipes on Wineed and Dine at SaltWire.com

Shirley M. Pinder