Gratsi, a high-end Mediterranean-inspired boxed wine company, launches a “Provençal-style” rose

  • Old Red Country: An easy-to-drink red blend every day. Fruity and dry with balanced acidity and tannins.
  • Old White Country: A refreshing, bright and fruity white blend with a strong base of Sauvignon Blanc. Crisp acids, clean, dry finish.

“Historically, the 3 liter box has been a packaging for discount wines which often contain a lot of residual sugars and unnecessary cost-saving ingredients. The format itself is superior to bottles in many ways, we were curious to see if people would be willing to drink premium wine from a box,” says Stephen Vlahos, co-founder and CEO of Gratsi. Vlahos continues, “Our customer reviews and subscription revenue speak for themselves.”

Due to strong customer demand, Gratsi has just launched its 3rd and final wine SKU “Old Country Rosé”, a Provencal-style dry rosé.

About Gratsi

Gratsi teaches Americans to drink American wine the way Italians drink Italian wine. Family-sized premium, low-sugar wines that are shipped right to your door every month.

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