Foley Family Wines elevates experience at T-Mobile Arena

The Vegas Golden Knights have created a family atmosphere unmatched by any other NHL team. While the energy of the crowd makes the T-Mobile Arena an electric place to go during home games, the presence of the Foley Food & Wine Society in the arena enhances the experience for fans visiting the Foley Food & Wine Society Wine Bar.

We caught up with Kevin Corbett who is Vice President of Brands for Foley Family Wines and oversees the activation of VGK games to share his passion for fine wines with Golden Knights fans.

Q: What is your role with VGK and Foley Family Wines?

Kevin Corbett: I have the privilege of serving as Vice President of Brands for Foley Family Wines. My primary goals are to support the global marketing functions of Foley Family Wines and identify opportunities to share VGK Owner Bill Foley’s love for world-class wines, exquisite cuisine and incredible experiences with devotees. by VGK.

Q: Can you describe the development of the Foley Wine Tasting areas at T-Mobile Arena?

KC: Over the past 5-10 years, sports fans have increasingly demanded premium experiences when attending games, particularly in terms of the quality of wines on offer. We knew we had a unique opportunity with our team owner also being a winemaker and owner of one of the most celebrated portfolios of world-class wines to create a space for our fans and other guests at T-Mobile Arena to enjoy the kinds of quality wines they would expect to find at their local wine store, restaurant, or while visiting a wine region. But we wanted to do more than offer these wines for purchase. We also wanted to best replicate the type of experience one would have when visiting a winery, including curated estate wines, knowledgeable staff who can talk about each wine, and a private seating area where they could taste these wines with charcuterie. in a magnificent and quiet outdoor setting, which is reserved for them. Working with our partners at T-Mobile Arena and Levy, as well as local Vegas events and an experienced supplier (Production Theory), we identified the perfect location and designed a stunning wine bar experience never seen before in the professional sports.

Q: What are the main objectives and purposes of these tasting spaces?

KC: Our primary goals are to provide customers with a variety of the highest quality wines, including those that have earned over 90 points and other accolades from major wine publications. On any given evening, we have at least six wines representing different varietals, such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Sparkling, and Blends. We also want to create an environment that allows them to taste these wines in an atmosphere reminiscent of the tasting rooms they would experience when visiting wine country. Finally, we spend time educating all customers on how to grow their love of wine, including tips for visiting one of Bill Foley’s many wineries in California, Oregon, Washington and New Zealand, join one of our many wine clubs, where to find those same wines. online or in local stores, how to pair wines at home with their favorite dishes and answer any other questions they may have about wine. For VGK subscribers, we like to remind them of the great benefits they receive with The Foley Food & Wine Society, including wine discounts, special benefits at our wineries and hotels, and other exclusive perks you can learn more about them. here.

Q: Can you describe the success and impact they have had at T-Mobile?

KC: The number of customers dropping by the FFWS Wine Bar each game night, as well as the number of glasses and carafes purchased, far exceeded our expectations. So much so that we’ve been approached by other food and beverage venues and providers across the country asking how we can provide similar experiences for their customers.

Q: Where to find the tasting areas?

KC: Located behind Section 17 behind the Bud Light Lounge, near the new What a Knight wall and Section 4.

Shirley M. Pinder