Flash Labs Corporation and Barrel Riot Wines announce a reason to toast NFTs

NEW YORK and SAN DIEGO, June 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Flash Labs Corporation, a leading provider of blockchain and Web 3.0 solutions, today announced that winemaker Barrel Riot Wines will use its NFT Minting and NFT Marketplace to register and manage memberships for its wine club. exclusive wine. Barrel Riot NFT holders will have access to exclusive tastings, parties, major product reveals, early access to new varietals and other great offers.

“The tendency of NFTs to be used only for bragging has diminished,” says Patrick Degan, CTO of Flash Labs. “Our team looked for a way to inject value into a non-fungible item, while providing benefits to NFT holders and business owners. This is the first of many clients we will announce that can leverage leveraged this new approach to create NFT offerings.”

Barrel Riot is known for its unique approach to winemaking. His team carefully selects different grape varieties and ages them in bourbon, tequila, cognac or rum barrels to create an aromatic profile that stands out from traditional wines. Their process naturally infuses a layered complexity and encourages experimentation that has attracted a cult following.

“Our customers always ask us how they can invest to help grow the business and often suggest different combinations of wines and barrels they should age in,” remarked Dan Lipsky, Founder of Barrel Riot. “The Flash Labs NFT marketplace provides a way to invest in and influence our production, while offering a number of exclusive benefits.”

The winery launched an NFT loyalty program with multiple levels of membership rewards. Standard Membership NFTs allow customers to purchase exclusive signature bottles and gain access to tastings, parties and more. The NFT Founders allow customers to help shape the future of the winery by being part of the Customer Advisory Team, which includes attending barrel tasting events, choosing varietals, and attending cask selection for future wines, plus all the benefits of having an NFT subscription.

Flash Laboratories mission is to offer blockchain-based solutions that bring value to its customers. Its NFT Minting Platform makes it easy for businesses to mint NFTs and enter the world of Web 3.0 at their own pace, whether it’s a phased approach or total conversion. The latest version makes it easy for wineries, breweries, and distilleries to scale up their loyalty programs and offer discounts, perks, and digital assets representing physical goods to their customers and investors.

“The idea has been germinating for several months, and as the use of NFTs has become more accessible, we want to bring this technology to the forefront of the wine industry and share this journey to Web 3.0 with our community,” adds Lipsky. .

About Flash Labs

Flash Labs Corporation (http://www.flashlabs.io/) is the US subsidiary of New York-based HN Inc. and a subsidiary of Big Sun Holdings Group, Inc. Flash Labs is comprised of experts in blockchain technology, digital asset monetization, decentralized credentials, and creating solutions focused on data security, sanctity, monetization and usability. Additionally, Flash Labs offers “best of block” blockchain development and consulting services with the flexibility to tailor blockchain-independent smart contracts to meet each client’s needs. To build a better society, Flash Labs develops and builds blockchain solutions for all industries, including finance, construction, wellness, energy, and smart cities.

About Barrel Riot Wines

Barrel Riot Wines (https://barrelriot.com) is a San Diego, CaliforniaArtisan vineyard specializing in aging wines in bourbon, rum and tequila barrels to bring a range of unique spices and flavors to their products. Barrel Riot’s tagline is “a triumph over the traditional”. The founder of the company Dan Lipsky explains, “Don’t drink wine – experience it. If you drink a barrel-aged spirit wine, you should be able to smell it.” By focusing on the customer experience with its line of beverages, Barrel Riot goes beyond simply viewing wine as a simple grape product; they are focused on removing the typical limitations associated with wine and creating unique and tasty beverages for their customers.

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