Five Texas Wines That Wow: And some additional oenophile facts and discoveries for you

Some people are downright awkward about grapes.

Some people think there’s nothing better in life than sipping newly discovered wine on a back patio as the sun slowly sets in the west and a light breeze makes the autumnal weather even sweeter. delicious.

Full disclosure: We love these folks.

Our traveling wine correspondents – Rowan and John Hallidythis married couple of oenophiles – are among those people we love.

We’ve already sent the Hallidays on forays into the Texas Hill Country, to report on tours and hotels, to preview the first annual Texas Wine Auction, and more. I thought we should probably do something like that again – it’s our drinks problem, after all.

Of course, our food editor Melanie Haupt already had a look at Summer Revival Wine Co. and CL Butaud in nearby Dripping Springs…

And your current reporter recently fought over a bunch of ciders and meads adjacent to wine from here…

And we are happy to see that Rae Wilsonit is wine for the people will pass, in mid-November, from the Texas AVA Tasting Room from Fitzhugh Road to Spread & Co. in the Jefferson Square Mall (1601 W 38th)…

We are also big fans of Saba San’s wine club and its line of low-intervention wines from small natural producers, and not just because they’re so conveniently located at 2600 E. Cesar Chavez, inside that popular powerhouse of delicious food called Bento Picnic…

And we’re about to swoon over drinks and dinner at South Lamar’s excellent Aviary – or the Austin Winery in that gourmet paradise known to mortals as The Yard on St. Elmo…

But, yes, we recently connected our favorite freelancer couple with one of these excellent Texas Wine Month Passports it’s like a key to unlocking the best that the Hill Country has to offer. Then we sent them on a discovery mission and gave them a report. Thus, we now present, for your edification and future wine trip planning consideration:


Carignan, Hilmy cellars: Phenomenal fucking. Frank and fruity nose, good structure. Immediately stopped me in my tracks. I had to watch it for a minute.

Limestone, Kuhlman Cellars: I buy this wine every time I pass by. I never have one, because it’s the first white wine I’ve taken out of the rack. Rich and lightly buttery cooking wine, incredibly versatile.

Nebbiolo, Hye Meadow: Super smoky nose, spicy mouth. Rejoice that it’s finally cool enough to barbecue and drink with smoked meat. It’s incredibly good.

cinsault, Blue Lotus Vineyard: Light red, deliciously fruity. It’s friendly enough to drink on its own, but it will go well with game or barbecue.

Tannat aged in bourbon barrels, Lost draft cellars: If someone from Lost Draw offers you something “aged in bourbon barrels”, don’t ask questions, just thank your gods and take it. Tannat is no exception. It’s glorious. It will benefit from a little aging, so drink the rest of the list first and give some.

Shirley M. Pinder