First monument commemorating the making of wine

The Nevada County Historic Landmarks Commission is pleased to announce that the Nevada County Board of Supervisors has designated the site of the first commercial winery as a Nevada County Historic Landmark, NEV 22-03.

Located at 305 Broad Street in downtown Nevada City, Novak’s Menswear’s current storefront housed Augustine Isoard’s winery in 1860. He advertised that “I have on hand a few gallons of wine made from grapes by myself, in this town”. Born in France, the Morning Transcript newspaper noted that Mr. Isoard was certainly not a novice in his profession. “He knows exactly how to do it, having been brought up in the shade of the vines in beautiful France.” His operation grew quite quickly; the first “a few gallons” advertisement in June 1860 became “a large batch of superior California wine” in 1862.

Over 100,000 vines were planted in Nevada County during the 1850s, often by French settlers, and the industry continues to thrive today. An estimated 50,000 gallons were made in Nevada County in 1870, and the original Nevada City winery was established around 1880. Finally, in 1987, Nevada County became part of the Sierra Foothills U.S. Wine Country. . It all goes back to Augustine Isoard and the first commercial winery in Nevada County. A plaque sponsored by the Celio family, owners of 305 Broad Street, will be dedicated later this year.

The purpose of the Nevada County Historic Landmarks Commission is to promote the general welfare of Nevada County and its citizens through the official recognition, recording, marking, preservation, and promotion of the county’s historic resources. of Nevada.

Shirley M. Pinder