Extensive Ranch Offers Wine Potential Along Mexico’s Golden Corridor

The Mexican colonial town of Dolores Hidalgo holds special significance in its history as the cradle of its national independence from Spain.

Today, the small but vibrant setting of north-central Mexico is a cultural delight with its winding cobblestone streets lined with shops and vendor stalls offering fine Talavera pottery, a heritage style that originated during the colonial period. , locally made ice cream and other treats. Due to its proximity to the historic center of San Miguel de Allende, about a 30-minute drive away, the large plots outside of the small town have become in high demand by commercial growers and horse breeders.

This vast ranch called Rancho in Jamaica encompasses approximately 219 hectares (about 541 acres), half certified for organic production.

“This property has great potential as it’s a clean slate. It’s been used as a real farm production ranch so far,” shares Jim Dolanco-founder of the most productive broker CDR San Miguel.

Dolan notes that a lack of trees and an abundance of wide open spaces make it ideal for wine production, and nearby operations provide additional inspiration. The winner Cuna de Tierra Vineyard and Vineyard Santisima Trinidad are part of the wine production of the region.

“This ranch just doesn’t have a lot of trees, but it’s wide open, which makes it perfect for planting grapes. You don’t have to do any land clearing or anything. It’s all done. “

A handful of commercial structures are spread over the area, including offices and equipment storage. But what Dolan sees as the biggest selling point is a full complement of water rights and three wells that are included with the ranch and feed “a complete drip irrigation system throughout the entire area.” ‘agricultural exploitation”.

Water rights in Guanajuato, as in all regions of Mexico, are controlled by CONAGUA, the national agency for water administration.

“If you were to try to buy water rights, it would cost around [US] $1 per cubic meter. If it’s over 480,000 cubic meters, that’s almost $500,000 just for water,” Dolan says. “Taking into account the preparation of wells and water-based infrastructure, the officer says the costs of preparation and water entitlement can add up to over $1 million. .”

CDR San Miguel holds the listing for Rancho in Jamaica, Dolores Hidalgo, Guanajuato, Mexico. The asking price is around $5.33 million (109,600,000 MXN).

Guanajuato International Airport (BJX) is approximately 60 km from Dolores Hidalgo. The historic city is roughly equidistant from the city of Guanajuato and San Miguel de Allende.

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Shirley M. Pinder