Company turns winemaking waste into food

As the story goes, by food dip, a man named Bill Broddy was riding a bicycle near a winery. Suddenly, he spotted a bear gobbling up a pile of marc, which are the leftover skins and seeds of grapes used in winemaking. Fascinated, he watched the bear a while longer, prompting him to contact wine consultant Gary Strachan, who explained the powerful nutritional value of the pomace, most of which is discarded after the grapes have been pressed. for wine. The vegetarian notes that pomace is packed with fiber, phenolics, and antioxidants, most of which have been wasted — until now.

Broddy launched CrushDynamics in 2016 to ultimately turn pomace into high-performance, polyphenol-rich food ingredients, explains CrushDynamics. Ingredients improve plant-based formulations, reduce sodium in foods by up to 80%, improve texture and taste, and extend best before dates by up to 60%. The company notes that its patent-pending biochemical recycling process, which uses 100% naturally sourced grape derivatives, includes fermentation for the growth of probiotics, which can improve immunity, digestive system and heart health.

CrushDynamics sets out a mission for food to become “Better for People, Better for the Planet”. And with the United States alone consuming 1.1 billion gallons of wine in 2021, according to the Wine Institutehope they will succeed.

Shirley M. Pinder