Buonayanett Wines Emphasizes Global Standards and Introduces Buonayanett Rose, Lambrusco

Fadekemi Ajakaiye

A new entrant in the growing Nigerian wine market – Buonayanett, a premium brand, has promised to give Nigerians a memorable experience on par with what is available anywhere in the world.

The wine brand which was recently launched by Buonayanett Limited in Lagos, Nigeria has confirmed the belief in many quarters that the wine industry in the county is growing daily.
Speaking at the product launch, the company’s chairman, engineer Oladimeji, said Buonayanett wine was made with the best of Italian grapes and is for those who are not afraid to try something. something exquisite and different from the norm.

He said, “Buonayanett Rose and Lambrusco hold a special place in my heart, and it’s amazing to see our collective vision becoming a reality. It was born from the desire to live with the heart, to create meaningful moments for individuals and families, and to share memorable moments with loved ones.

“We are delighted to meet the needs of wine lovers who want to explore something new and those who choose to forego alcoholic wines and very expensive champagnes, without having to compromise on the level of excellence.
“Buonayanett is the perfect choice for the bold, young, old and chic. It’s the modern way to enjoy wine. It’s simple, durable, affordable and practical.

Ms. Janet Oladimeji, Managing Director of the company, then shared her thoughts on the new product saying, “The Buonayanett Rose and Lambrusco flavor is a dripping bubbly of class. They both have an alcohol content of 10% with a smooth and sparkling sensation, and a taste that lingers in the mouth for a long time. The elegant taste of these wines makes them perfect for any event, whether indoors or outdoors, clubs, house parties and other high energy events.

“Buonayanett is the wine you’d want to take home after a stressful day at work or a casual outing with friends by keeping it light-hearted, promoting conviviality and making things more fun.” It is safe to say that Buonayanett wine is a versatile wine that transcends its use for celebrations, weddings, graduations and parties, it is perfectly suited for comfort, self-care and a show of love,” Ms. Oladimeji explained.

“We have deep respect for the Nigerian wine community. This is our home and we are delighted to add our wine brand to the list of exclusive wine brands in Nigeria. Both Buonayanett wines are made from specially selected Italian grapes with no added additives. Our wines are therefore free of added sulphites, sugars, chemicals and pesticides. She stated.
Buonayanett is a collection of two types of wine, Buonayanett Rose and Buonayanett Lambrusco, all made from specially selected grapes in Italy. It comes in a 750ml bottle sold at N27,000 per carton of six and a 3 liter bottle sold at N150,000 per bottle for the Rose and Lambrosco wine brands.

Shirley M. Pinder