An Investment in Grapes: UCF Business Student Builds Innovative Wine Company | New

Ivan del Barco is editing one of Winedos’ documentaries on October 4. Ivan del Barco takes care of the recording and editing of the documentaries published by Winedos.

When Ivan del Barco recorded his first documentary, flying his drone over miles of vineyards without a cloud in the sky, he knew he had made the right decision to create his new company, Winedos.

“You’re going through all these things that you’ve never seen before,” the business student said. “It’s like another world for me. I’m only 22 and haven’t traveled much. It was just amazing for me.”

Wine is usually reserved for the occasional drink during a dinner with friends. Del Barco, however, has wine running through its veins.

He inherited his love for wine from his father, Enrique del Barco, who inspired him to create Winedos and educate viewers about wines around the world. Together, they planned to create documentaries that would educate their audiences about wines and rely on ad revenue to generate revenue.

“We kept thinking, ‘How could we improve on this?'” Enrique del Barco said. “I said, ‘Well, you know what? I’d be very happy to spend my vacation with you.'”

It wasn’t until the two started filming the documentaries that they found a better way to generate revenue for Winedos: selling the wines they film documentaries for.

“During the company visits, we realized that these wineries are very small and they sell locally, but they make exceptional wines and they were very keen to find a market for their products,” said Enrique del Barco. “And then we were talking and I said to Ivan, ‘Why don’t you start a business and sell these wines in the United States online and in a different way? “”

By realizing that they could sell the wine in addition to showcasing it, Winedos became what it is today: an online store selling wine in an innovative way.

Wine is not the first beverage of choice for most young adults. In 2020, only 18% of adults aged 21-34 drink wine regularly, according to Wine Intelligence. Ivan Del Barco said he plans to change that with Winedos.

“University students are really important to us because they are the next generation, and we need them to be interested in the project for it to grow in the future,” he said.

Ivan del Barco said Winedos hopes to give more students the opportunity to find wines they love.

“Since we wanted students to know and buy it, we needed to have cheap wines because no student will have enough money for a $50 to $100 wine,” said Ivan del Barco. “Our prices range from about, I mean, $9 to $180.”

Enrique del Barco, who is also associate dean of the College of Sciences, said he was born in Burgos, Spain and grew up in a vineyard. He always had a love of wine and passed it on to his son.

“It’s my son’s business, but I help him because I love wine, and it’s about wine,” said Enrique del Barco. “It’s what I’ve loved since I was a kid. I drink wine every day.

His father’s passion for wine gave birth to the idea of ​​Winedos, which has evolved in a year and a half since its conception.

“One day he was drinking a bottle of wine, and he was talking to my mother and he commented, ‘I wish I could know more about this wine,'” Ivan del Barco said.

It was this comment that sparked the idea of ​​Winedos, said Ivan del Barco.

“All these big companies, all they do is post a picture of the bottle and that’s it, and then they expect you to know all about it, and you don’t really learn where does wine come from that way, or how it’s made at all,” Ivan del Barco said. “You would just drink it, and if it’s good, and if the critics said it was good, you thought it was good.

Winedos’ goal is to completely change this flawed system.

Enrique del Barco is a seasoned wine drinker, and during his time drinking wine he struggled to find good places to buy wine. He said that when buying good wine, there are two options: buy at a specialty wine store or buy online. For him, buying online is the better of the two options because there’s more variety, but he struggles to find details about the wine while doing so.

“When you do this online, you will always find two options: either the image of a bottle or the image of the label; maybe a very short little paragraph about what this wine is,” said Enrique del Barco. “In a time when we all watch videos for whatever you’re interested in, to me that’s very poor. I don’t really see and understand a wine just by looking at the photo.

Winedos was created to fill this gap in the market. By recording and publishing these documentaries alongside the wines it sells, Winedos enables potential buyers to learn all about the wines from the sources.

“We started as an ‘educational project’, just to inform the public about the origin of the wines,” said Ivan del Barco.

In high school, Ivan del Barco took a television production course on a whim. He needed to complete an art credit and had always been interested in cameras. He learned to edit with Adobe Premiere, and since then his camera has been glued to his hand.

“I started filming and editing videos of me and my friends doing fun things in high school, and everyone loved those videos,” said Ivan del Barco.

In creating Winedos, Ivan del Barco said he found a way to combine his love for recording and editing videos and his father’s love of wine into something profitable: a series of documentaries that would inform the public about wines that are not readily available in the United States. States.

“I always have a camera handy,” said Ivan del Barco. “With the trips to Spain and around my friends, I always have a camera and I always record.”

Ivan del Barco’s best friend, Rollins’ junior business student, Cole Cecconi, was there for many of the videos that Ivan del Barco is known to record. While hanging out, he would usually pull out his camera and record no matter what they were doing.

“There were a few attempts for various things, whether it was video games or football,” Cecconi said. “He was editing the videos, and it was pretty cool.”

Outside of the high school class, Ivan del Barco is entirely self-taught. He edits all of Winedos’ documentaries.

“When my dad and I thought about this idea, I was like, ‘I’m going to do the videos. I have to do this,'” Ivan del Barco said.

Selling the wines through Winedos gave Ivan del Barco a whole new vision of the business.

“It went from kind of a project to a business, so we went from kind of making video documentaries to making video documentaries while being able to sell those wines online. That’s where we are right now. said Ivan del Barco.

Documentaries give Ivan del Barco a chance to expand his editing skills.

Leaning over his computer, Ivan del Barco explains how he plays with the editing of documentaries to make them stand out. Using After Effects, he is able to make the person on the screen stand out via cutouts.

“I don’t have a lot of experience so I kind of have to watch YouTube videos if I don’t know something, but it’s super fun to learn about it via YouTube because it’s so easy” , said Ivan del Barco.

Winedos became an important part of Ivan del Barco’s life. When he is not at school or at work, he works for the company.

“After my studies, I usually work more on editing because editing can be very painful. It takes a long time,” said Ivan del Barco. “It’s really a 50-50 balance between school and work; there is not much time for anything else.

Although time-consuming, Ivan del Barco enjoys his time working on Winedos. Editing is one of his passions and he learned a lot working for his company.

“I love doing this and it doesn’t feel like work. I like it,” said Ivan del Barco.

The company will start selling wine in November, but has released documentaries on nine wine designations of origin in northern Spain. The del Barcos will travel through the rest of Spain before moving on to the next country, and they don’t plan to stop anytime soon.

Shirley M. Pinder