Sharing our love of wine

Pilar Bazan Vinifera Wine Club founder

Pilar Bazan
Vinifera Wine Club founder

Many years ago, one of my business trips to Europe landed me in a winery. The production area was not very sophisticated, but the meeting happened in the tasting room and this was certainly a magical place.

There was nothing in the room that you could describe as objectively beautiful or special but, even without knowing anything about wine or the producer, you could feel the care and the passion of the people behind it.

We sat at the meeting with the owner of the winery and I started to hear words that I could comprehend but had never heard before, I could follow but could not pronounce: my first contact with the wonderful language of wine.

At the end of the meeting I asked the owner where you learn about wine and his dry answer was: “if you like wine, you will learn about wine”.

A year later, I had taken time off work to do an MSc in Wine Making and Viticulture and ever since, my aim has been to make as many people as possible come in contact with the amazing world of wine.

Vinifera Wine Club is the manifestation of that aim, the result of passion about wine and the desire to share that passion with others.

Wine is an alive being related to history, culture, people, terroir, tradition, good food and lots of other things that are essentially human. Vinifera is the place where you can discover and share all of that.

As a member, you have the chance to enjoy the Club and to help shape it to suit what you enjoy the most.

I would like to thank all the members who already do so and welcome new ones to our diverse experience.