A three-course Sri Lankan feast and paired natural wines arrive at Isca Wines in Levenshulme

Taking place on tuesday september 13the Little Sri Lankan will land in Levenshulme as it takes over Isca Wines for an evening of two-course feasting at 5.45pm and 8pm.

Customers will see the mobile kitchen serving up a number of family recipes from owner Malanie, showcasing some of the best Sri Lankan cuisine in Manchester using local and seasonal products accompanied by wines skilfully selected by the Isca team.

The menu is a mix of small plates, curries and desserts, including traditional recipes like Chignon Seeni – a delicacy topped with a spicy caramelized onion relish and a hard-boiled egg – on the side Pancake rolls with muttonwhich are fried and reminiscent of spring rolls and Jackfruit Cutlets which are accompanied by Archie’s chili sauce.

Malanie will then serve you a selection of Traditional Sri Lankan curries and rice with traditional fried pork curry, coconut-based parippu, red rice, eggplant pickle, mallung and pol sambol – a delicious Sri Lankan coconut relish.

For dessert, the chef concocts a homemade Watalappan with Coconut Tuille. Watalappan is a coconut cream pudding made with condensed milk, jaggery, cashews, eggs, and various spices. It is rich and fragrant, offering a warm hug at the end of a meal.

Hosted by Malanie Tillekeratne and Michael Hooper, The Little Sri Lankan began its journey in 2020, when we were all grappling with the COVID-19 pandemic and some had fallen victim to the dreaded furlough.

Seeking to offer Manchester locals something different, couple Malanie and Michael started creating prepared Sri Lankan curry dishes from treasured family recipes for delivery, and they have proven to be a huge hit.

Since then, they’ve thrown themselves headfirst into the city’s thriving street food scene, offering a regularly changing menu of traditional and authentic Sri Lankan curries and “Short Eats” at the city’s markets.

Tickets for the September Supper Club at Isca Wine cost £40 per person and get you the full three-course meal. Paired wines from Isca will need to be purchased separately.


The Little Sri Lankan x Isca Wines Supper Club

When: Tuesday, September 13
Time: 5:45 p.m. or 8 p.m.
Location: Isca Wines
Price: £40

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Shirley M. Pinder